Our Mission

Chester Arts Alive is dedicated to bringing arts and culture to the city of Chester, PA by assembling artistic partnerships that support, promote, facilitate and coordinate the delivery of arts and cultural opportunities and educational programming.


At Chester Arts Alive we work to establish networks for organizations, artists and community leaders to advocate for the arts in the community and the local media.


About Us

Community programs in distressed areas need support of combined efforts of partnerships and stakeholders. Like many small communities, groups in the city of chester; have a history of collaborating to provide an array of services and referrals to answer resident's needs.

Often times soliciting services of businesses outside of the community who otherwise have no invested interests in the constituents. Chester Arts Alive desires to become the premier non-profit agency in the local area to provide a platform for arts education and technical support through the management of individuals and organizational partnerships that will garner community resources. To accomplish this Chester Arts Alive will commit to a higher level of vibrancy and innovation by strengthening its level of public commitment.

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